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nanoPASS holds consultation with Slovenian nanotoxicity experts

4 May 2023

nanoPASS organised a round-table discussion between partners (JSI, Infinite) and Slovenian experts with interest in nanosafety:

  • researchers of various profiles that deal with nanosafety in different contexts (mechanistic toxicology, drug development and delivery, biosensors for environmental monitoring),
  • health experts (from the National Institute of Public Health and the Institute of Occupational, Transport, Sports Medicine),
  • and regulators (Chemicals Office of the Republic of Slovenia).

The aim was to identify challenges related to inhalation of nanoparticles (problematic materials, situations, environments, resulting health conditions, regulation) and discuss the visionsfor future development of new safety testing. The active discussions indeed covered aspects from specific mechanisms of toxicity, to the path towards regulatory acceptance of new tests.

The multilateral meeting showcased the benefits of such events to

  • exchange views on the subject from various angles, which will help steer research towards goals that can benefit health experts and regulators;
  • identify possible collaborations in the local community;
  • and to establish new relevant connections, particularly to facilitate the launch of the new testing technology towards EU regulators.

nanoPASS will keep the experts informed on the progress of the project, invite them to future project events, and ask them to help disseminate our results in their circles